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People Herbal Formulas

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  • Tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: constant fatigue, lethargy, lack of interest
  • Sports formula: to increase mental and physical performance
Vitality Plus is formulated to help people with demanding lifestyles cope with fatigue and lack of energy. Vitality Plus has herbs with excellent adaptogenic functions to improve both mental and physical performance. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, these herbs tonify the yuan (source) qi, strengthen the Spleen, and awaken the shen (spirit).

Do you have lumps under your skin, on the thighs, arms or neck that  won't go away? Are they benign lumps that you are told not to bother with them...but they do bother you right?  Then consider our Chinese herbs that are what we call phlegm busters (fat).

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), these nodules are considered to be stagnation of qi, blood, or phlegm. From pharmacological perspective, these herbs have antibiotic effect to treat infection, and anti-inflammatory effect to reduce swelling and inflammation. Furthermore, these herbs are also effective for hardness and nodules where there are no signs of infection of inflammation. For this application, however, herbs must be taken continuously for a few months to slowly dissolve and disperse these nodules and hardened tissues.

  • Enhancement of sexual function and performance
  • Treatment of sexual and reproductive disorders
  • Low libido in women and men
  • Common uses: impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, etc.
Alive is an excellent formula to tonify Kidney yang and Kidney jing (essence). Clinically, deficiencies of Kidney yang and Kidney jing (essence) are characterized by impotence, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, low libido, and general sexual disorders. In western terminology, these herbs increase the production of sex hormones; and in TCM terminology, these herbs tonify Kidney yang and Kidney jing (essence). This formula works to enhance libido in women as it boosts the testosterone levels and Kidney yang.

  • Chronic pain of the neck and shoulders, including numbness and discomfort
  • Limited movement of the neck and shoulders due to pain and stiffness
  • Long-term neck and shoulder injuries with a slow recovery or continuing deterioration
  • Injuries of the neck and shoulder muscles commonly caused by over-exertion
  • Repetitive stress syndrome of the neck and shoulders (i.e., prolonged upright sitting position, or working in front of a computer)
  • Arthritis of the neck 
As the name implies, Neck Support is designed to treat chronic neck and shoulder pain. Chronic neck and shoulder problems are characterized by pain, numbness, stiffness, discomfort, limited mobility, slow recovery or continuing deterioration. Effective treatment must focus on activating qi and blood circulation, opening the channels and collaterals, and nourishing the muscles and tendons.