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Neck Support FAQ

What is the form of the herbs?
The herbs are a powdered form of herbs that are a 9:1 concentration of raw herbs called granules.

They can be purchased as a powder or in a capsule form. To have it capsules costs $15 more per bottle or you can buy the empty gel caps and pack the herbs yourself for $5 for 200 empty gel capsules. This option is provided at checkout...
What kind of Quality Standards are there for Peoplehealer's herbs
We have two suppliers: Min Tong and Treasures of the East..both are certified cGMP. 


Min Tong Herbals

The Chinese Herbal products are imported from reputed companies in Taiwan and China that meet the international pharmaceutical GMP standard and also pass the Australian GMP(TGA) standard and USA NSF certified cGMP certification. 100 grams per bottle; 5:1 concentrated with hot water extraction. 


Blue Light for Treasures of the East:

    Blue Light takes quality very seriously in producing Treasure of the East herbs. Strict quality control measures ensure that we sell only the safest and most effective herbal preparations. Treasure of the East's products are tested by the manufacture lab and independent laboratories for heavy metals and have been shown to be safe for both infants and pregnant women.

    Start-to-Finish Quality Control

    • GMP certification
    • The management of over 3600 units of documentation falling into six major categories.
    • 3-tier Q.C. network, with checkpoints at each step of the manufacturing process.
    • 5-step chemical analysis at points throughout the conversion of raw herb to granule.
    • Digital archives of collected and analyzed data for every batch of product.
    • Buildings, personnel, and equipment that all satisfy GMP standards.