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Please always remember that we are not veterinarians and we don't offer any veterinarian advise, We think that are many great Docs that do that. Herbs are much different than medicines, they do not cure diseases because herbs are classified as a food, not a drug. Therefore, please understand that we don't offer herbs for diseases....nor do we want to. Herbs are here to help supplement, tonify, transform and move Qi and Blood...and other things like that and they are completely different than drugs. So please don't ask us to cure a disease or give veterinary advise the FDA does not allow that!

Holly Mead; Herbal Formulator

Entered doctoral program with the anticipation of graduating sometime during 2012!!  Emphasis will continue to be herbal studies and this will make me Holly Mead (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) DAOM

Masters Of Traditional Chinese Medicine degree completed  Apr 2009 from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Holly Mead MSTOD

July 18, 2009 (Update)

Holly Mead completed her Masters degree for the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine...What does that mean exactly? That means 5 years of hard work studying Chinese herbs.

December 21, 2008 (update)

Time for another update. I am basically finished and have just about earned my degree for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Aug. 2, 2008

I thought I should update our About Us....Sadly Orbit, who got me started with this website passed away three months ago....The PawHealer family (me, your host,  and my three other dogs) miss him terribly. Orbit finally died of his Kidney failure, but I get comfort in knowing that up until two days before he passed, he was running and playing on the beach. The herbs that we were using to help supplement his Kidney system,  provided Orbit natural life sustaining energy up until the day he died. He lived out the normal life span of a dobie and his quality of life was wonderful until the day he died. has become my life, the business of helping pets through formulating herbs has become a full time job, and I have come to love what I do with a passion. I finish acupuncture school April of 2009, I had to move up my graduation time because has kept me so busy and it is growing, we took our first two retail orders this week!

I'm proud of the work we do here. The herbs that we offer are effective and we have helped so many dogs and cats by promoting good health...I have been rich and poor during my 52 years of living, but there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction,  as much as hearing about the pets that have come to and have gotten better.....

Thank you for considering herbs for your pet...I understand its a tough decision, because most likely if your reading this, you have been through alot already. Please feel free to call me any time with your concerns or questions.

Holly &  Pink Pinkerton,  Dayzee and that Bad Dog Chico Martini

My original About Us written when I first put up our website:

Your host of the site is Holly Mead (me). I currently  school seeking a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine. I graduate December 2008, and I will have earned my Masters degree in the science of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. came about as a result of my own personal love of herbs and animals. Both of which are our pure and natural!

I have been using herbs on myself and my family members for quite some time and I
have to give credit to my sweet Orbit for being the impetus for Bless his heart, Orbit was my first herbal pet patient. But because Orbit was so seriously ill, it got me looking into the idea of formulating herbs for animals.. (see his story on the my blog Meet Sweet Orbit)

Orbit, who is now eight years old, a thick, lovable, 125 pound Dobie was diagnosed with Kidney failure. Of course I then followed the Vets instructions and gave him all the medicine as prescribed (at a cost of $1000)...but it was not making him any better.

 It was then that I learned and began to understand the power of herbs and how effective they are in order to help our pets. Since then Orbit has been given herbal medicines on a regular basis and his good health has thankfully been restored. 

I think  the final thought I wish to impart for those of you who are taking the time to read through this, is that herbs for dogs can bring back to us the power of natural healing that was once part of our rich tradition.

This guide empowers the user to take back some control of what is natural and good for our pet when it comes to their health. I hope you give  these Chinese herbs for dogs chance, for I am sure, that you will be extremely happy with the results.

Best wishes from the family, hope you enjoy our pictures!

My Sweet Orbit, isn't he cute?

Mr. Pink Pinkerton...

That's me getting the trophy....I'm the mom of the family